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Bitcoin news: First DLT and Blockchain Professor at the University of Basel

Distributed ledger technology with decentralized transaction systems can fundamentally change the financial world. The Rectorate of the University of Basel has appointed economist Fabian Schär as assistant professor in order to strengthen research in this field.

Bitcoin news: This endowed professorship will be financed by Credit Suisse Asset Management AG

With Bitcoin news Fabian Schär, the University of Basel receives its first “endowed professor for innovative financial technologies” with a focus on distributed ledger technology and FinTech according to the Bitcoin news. As can be seen in the press release of the University of Basel, this professorship is financed by Credit Suisse Asset Management AG.

Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär is currently Managing Director of the “Center for Innovative Finance” CIF Research Unit at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Basel. His research focuses on applications based on blockchain technology, such as smart contracts, the conversion of assets into blockchain-based units and other aspects of distributed ledger technology (DLT). In 2017, Schär received his doctorate with one of the first scientific publications on digital means of payment and capital investments, which combines economics, cryptography and computer science. (This was later published under the title “Bitcoin, Blockchain und Kryptoassets”). Dr. Fabian Schär to BTC-ECHO:

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first university professorship that was created specifically for the subject of distributed ledgers and block chains. It is a great honor to take up this position and I am pleased to be able to continue my research and knowledge transfer in blockchain technology. I am convinced that the topic Blockchain must be considered holistically. Therefore it is one of my great goals to further promote interdisciplinarity in teaching and research. The University of Basel offers six blockchain lectures and seminars, all of which combine economic aspects with cryptography and computer science. We go deep into the technical details of the protocols and programming. Altogether more than 600 students have already attended blockchain lectures at the University of Basel and we are thinking of launching our own specialization for the master’s programme. In addition, there are some interesting research projects in the pipeline, but I can’t give any details about them yet. What I can reveal, however, is that several doctoral positions will be advertised in the next few weeks. This is intended to expand the team and further expand research and teaching.

The “Credit Suisse Asset Management Switzerland Professorship for Distributed Ledger Technology/Fintech” will be established as an assistant professorship (without tenure track) at the Faculty of Economic Sciences for five years from September 1, 2018.

University of Basel promises connection between research and practice

The professorship is dedicated to the research of distributed ledger technologies. It examines the use and application possibilities in the financial markets and industry as well as the possible effects of these technological innovations on society. The professorship is to play a central role in teaching and research in the autumn semester of 2018.

Interview with Dr. Fabian Schär
Already in May we met Fabian Schär together with Aleksander Berentsen for an interview. They told us why the Bitcoin will prevail, why the era of cash is coming to an end and why Fiat currencies are only a bubble. Read more here: