House of Nakamoto: Bitcoin cult in Amsterdam

Bitcoin fans can be happy: The House of Nakamoto is now also available in Amsterdam. The House of Nakamoto, now known far beyond the city limits of Vienna, now also opens its doors to Bitcoin enthusiasts from the Netherlands.

This is also good news for northern Germans

For the crypto enthusiasts of this world, Vienna is definitely worth a visit. Not only is the Austrian capital one of the European engines for crypto-use; the House of Nakamoto has also been located in Vienna for several years. The house sees itself as a competence centre for crypto currencies and at the same time is an information centre, museum and shop in one. In addition to advice on trading in crypto currencies, customers can also obtain various crypto items such as hardware wallets or Bitcoin vouchers here.

But it’s not only Germany’s southern neighbour that stands out in terms of crypto adaptation. The Netherlands are also a step ahead. The pioneer is “Bitcoin City” Arnhem, whose citizens have been able to pay with Bitcoin in various shops for several years now. The Bitcoin wave now seems to be slowly but surely sloshing into the rest of the country.

Always worth a visit

Since the beginning of this week, the capital of the Netherlands has also been able to adorn itself with a House of Nakamoto. An offshoot of the successful Austrian model opened on 15 October in Amsterdam’s city centre. For the Dutch Bitcoin enthusiasts, this is a good opportunity to learn even more about crypto currencies. Naturally also in the Amsterdam House OF Nakamoto the Bitcoin ATM may not be missing. In contrast to Germany, Bitcoin ATMs are permitted both in the Netherlands and in Austria.

“Digital currencies are more than just a payment system. They embody the revolutionary idea that a decentralized currency should be possible without the influence of the state and banks. With the branch in the centre of Amsterdam, the expansion of the competence centre for crypto currencies and blockchain “The House of Nakamoto” continues. After Vienna, another free and innovative thinking company is approached: We bring Bitcoin and crypto currencies into the real world, with real people in a physical shop in the heart of Amsterdam”,

says Magdalena Isbrandt, Managing Director of the House of Nakamoto.

The opening is also good news for North and West German Bitcoin fans, who find Amsterdam much easier to reach than the Austrian capital. Another good reason for travelling to Amsterdam.

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